Terms of Service

By registering and using an account on the server, you agree with the following Terms of Service and the privacy policy . For children under 16, the registration must be performed in consent with the holder of parental responsibility over the child.


The XMPP service is a non-commercial project run by volunteers, and it can be used free of charge. Its primary aim is to make private decentralized communication more accessible. There are no availability guarantees and high-traffic commercial use is not supported.

We reserve the right to delete accounts that meet one of these conditions:

  • no valid login for 1 year or longer.
  • registered but never not logged in, after 14 days.

Forbidden Activities

You are not allowed to use the server for:

  • activities that are illegal in the EU or the USA (or solicitation of those activities)
  • activities that harm the Jabber ecosystem, Jabber servers (including this one), or users. Examples of forbidden activities:
    • unsolicited mass messages
    • denial of service attacks
    • exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • activities that impose an undue burden on this server, negatively affecting the availability for other users (please ask for permission if you plan to do high-traffic activities)

Accounts that violate any of these rules will be deleted without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

Your information is stored and processed according to our privacy policy .