GDPR changes

General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )

The day has finally come. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become reality. With this new law every user has the right to know what data a service is storing. This post tries to clear up the situation what that means and what actually changed.

privacy policy

The new privacy policy describes which user data gets processed and/or stored on my servers. In addition to that the storage duration is listed in detail.

The whole purpose of storing/ processing any user data on my services:

  • provide the service the user registered for
  • guarantee that the server/ service operates correctly

I do not profile, track and/ or monetize any of my users.

terms of service

Due to the GDPR changes and users from different countries I updated and translated the terms of service.

changes to the system

  • logging
    • log lifetime decreased from 14 to 7 days
    • logs archive lifetime decreased from 14 to 7 day (allowing me to react to error/ warning messages)
  • removal of all direct Facebook like/ share eg buttons


  • replacement of the Disqus commentary system
  • better solution to prevent xmpp spam
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