Let's Encrypt Prosody Cert Hook

Let's Encrypt Prosody Cert Hook

Prosody + Let’s Encrypt certificates

As of right now Prosody is not able to update a live certificate while running. For the complete update it is necessary to restart Prosody, which is inconvenient.
With the telnet console however, it is possible to reload the config such that a changed certificate is updated correctly. The biggest problem lies in reloading all possible locations the “old” certificate is still active in. I use the Prosody Telnet console to invoke a reload, due to the fact that prosodyctl reload is not actually reloading the modules just the config.
For this matter I hacked together a little bash script, which together with the Let’sEncrypt’s certbot and the default letsencrypt cli is used to import and update the Prosody certificate without a need to restart the instance.

Let’sEncrypt Setup

To use this script in a fully automatic way some configuration is needed. On install Let’sEncrypt creates the directory renewal-hooks. Inside there are three sub folders which represent the time and/or occasion for invocation (source ). This script uses the deploy hook to only run when the certificate is actually renewed. As I am not checking the domain name after deployment it is needed to add another subdirectory to the deploy directory.

└── deploy
    └── example.de
         └── prosody.sh


In this example code the hook is placed inside the example.de folder as prosody.sh. The script first imports the defined list of domains from the Let’s Encrypt live directory. After this is finished reloading takes place. The import is done as described in the Prosody Documentation .


### Prosody Cert Import ###
# active domains
domains=("example.de" "example.com")

# import the new certs
for domain in "${domains[@]}"; do
  prosodyctl --root cert import $domain /etc/letsencrypt/live

# modules needing to be reloaded
modules=("s2s" "c2s" "http" "tls")

# loop over commands
for command in "${modules[@]}"; do
        echo "module:reload([[$command]])"
echo "config:reload()"
echo quit
)| nc localhost 5582 &>/dev/null

# exit gracefully
exit 0

Let’sEncrypt Renewal config

At this time certbot would not run any deploy hook after renewing a certificate. The default configuration invokes /bin/run-parts on the predefined folders pre, post and deploy. To run the script on deployment it is needed to add the directory to the renew config file of your domain. For this example I choose to use example.de which would resolve to /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/example.de.conf.

renew_hook = /bin/run-parts /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/example.de


  • Prosody archives the “old” certificates when importing a new one. After a while the directory is pretty cluttered.
  • implement $RENEWED_DOMAINS test to deploy hook without the need to reconfigure